Superinvestor Portfolio Winners and Losers

Here is the year-to-date winners and losers list of the Superinvestor portfolio, as defined by Dataroma.

The Large portfolio includes the stocks held by all of the superinvestors, and the Small portfolio includes only the holdings of Berkshire Hathaway, Markel, Sequoia and SQ Advisors.

The date at the top of the spreadsheet shows when the sort was run and not necessarily the date of the latest stock price.

I will set this up to run on Friday evenings (it should be fully automatic). These tables are based on the closing prices.


  1. Thank You! I am not sure all super investors are really so super:), but wouldn't it be a good idea to shorten the list by focusing only of high conviction bets? Say top 5 positions, or no less than 10 per cent allocation, or less than 10, but total ownership of the company more then 10 percent?

    1. Yes, those are good ideas. Maybe one of these days I'll add stuff like that. This is for idea generation so bigger is better for now...