Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Quick Update on SuperPortfolios

In my previous post, I put a link to stock screens of Superinvestor stock holdings.  Initially, I just sloppily cut and paste out of a spreadsheet directly into the blogger and it was a mess.  So I redid it all and embedded spreadsheets instead.  It is now much easier to look through, and looks much better.

I also realize that a list of 1,000+ names is a bit much.  What are you going to do with it?  Well, all of the Dataroma Superinvestors are great investors, I think, so it's a good list to start with.

But at the same time, this is sort of a Buffett/value-leaning blog so I guess a lot of readers won't care for the more growthy names of the Tiger cubs, and maybe some of the holdings of the hedge fund types.

So I figured I would make a screen with a smaller universe.  Initially, I picked a bunch of the more traditional value guys and then my program crashed.  I don't know why it works well running the whole portfolio and crashes with a subset.

So to make it even simpler (and to debug), I just took the holdings of Berkshire Hathaway, Sequoia, Markel and SQ Advisors (Lou Simpson), and out came a nice list.

There are other worthy value managers, of course, in Dataroma.  I will eventually add the other value managers if I can get it to run without crashing.

But this short list was such a nice one that I decided to post it.  Take a look.

The original Superportfolio is the top link, and the one below, Small Portfolio, is the one that includes only stocks of the four managers named above.

SuperPortolio Stock Rankings
Small Portfolio

Looking at large, concentrated holdings and recent purchases is the best way to track managers and ideas, but sometimes manager favorites can be held for a long time and might get cheap even while they buy other stocks, so we might forget about them.  This sort of screening will make sure that we can see great ideas that might have gotten cheap.

These links are easily accessible by scrolling down on this blog and going to the "pages" section.


  1. Speaking of super investors, I would love to hear your take on WMIH. NOL-rich shell company, backed by KKR with a few other prominent investors as top holders (including Appaloosa). trading near it cash value, but my view is that they are all the right incentives in place for KKR to use this company as an investment vehicle to create a ton of value.

  2. I love the idea behind your small portfolio. I do have a question. The list seems to neither be the totality of the investors you mentioned, nor a gathering that all four own. Where did this stock list originate?

    1. Hmm... let me check. The smaller portfolio is supposed to be the holdings of the investors I mention on that page...

    2. Hmm.. you're right. The portfolio looks a little small. I'll check what happened and hopefully update it soon.

    3. OK, I fixed it. The small portfolio should now include holdings of the four investors named...


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